Painted Guitar

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As an artist even the day job can sometimes lack creativity and the pressures of being your own boss can weigh down on you. In order for me to stay inspired I find that having a new project where I can have fun and not have to think too commercially is my release.

My dad and I wanted to combine our creativity, myself being an artist and my dad being a musician and luthier, we wanted to trial our idea on building and painting a guitar. This replica is based on a Fender Stratocaster, where we decided to keep the maple neck exposed, as over time the painting would be worn away with playing on a working guitar.

This guitar is not a functioning model but works as a piece of art in itself. We hope to develop this idea further by building a fully functioning guitar from scratch and trying out new floral designs.

I believe in always trying to make time for different projects to stay fresh and inspired, so this new take on my artwork will enable me to be both creative and innovative.

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