Painted Lacoste Trainers

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Earlier this year I was given the opportunity from the Fresh Art Fair to create some promotional pieces of wearable art for a giveaway. I was asked to paint flowers of my choice onto two pairs of Lacoste trainers using the leather paints I was supplied with. I opted for colourful pansies on one pair and a more striped back palette for the roses. Painting on a new ‘canvas’ is always challenging and fun so I was thrilled to create these and work on a new surface.

After the competition ended I was happy to hear that a pair ended up with a keen Lacoste collector of one off pieces. The trainers are now being kept safe and scuff free in a display box along with an eclectic mix of other pieces. The other pair is out and about being loved and worn for others to see.

I still have leather paint left over, so if you’re thinking about having a unique pair of customised shoes then just drop me an email at