Ikon for Artists

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I was so excited to hear that the Ikon gallery in Birmingham had put out an open call for local artists to apply to be a part of an exhibition based on helping those affect by the pandemic. Myself and over 250 artists met the criteria for the show and I was proud to be a part of such an eclectic exhibition showing all kinds of art made accessible to everyone. There is so much talent in Birmingham and artists who I’d never heard of before so this opened my eyes to other creatives and their work. This exhibition gave a platform to so many artists and by having the artists receive all the money from any sales was the cherry on top.

I choose to enter my abstract artwork ‘Honest’, it was the last painting I made in 2020. Showing an abstract piece instead of my more well-known cityscape work was to please myself. I made the decision to keep my abstract paintings as a personal outlay separate from the galleries who represent my other works. The reason for this is because I want to have complete ownership on the whole process from creating to selling the work. As it is personal work for me, it seems only fitting that it’s kept in my control.